Five tips to create the perfect dressing room

The UK has just undergone a renovation boom, with a 2020 survey from discovering that UK households spent just over £4,000 each on renovations between March and August 2020 – £55 billion in all! 

If you’re one of these households, or you are considering jumping on the DIY bandwagon, then there’s a great way to unlock more value and functionality from your spare room (or any unloved corner of your home, for that matter): a DIY dressing room.

If you love fashion and want to introduce a dose of luxury into your get-ready routine, a dressing room is the perfect addition. Here are five crucial things to consider when crafting one.


A walk-in wardrobe needs to have accessible storage that lets you peruse your collection of garments, shoes, and accessories with ease. You can put up shelving if you fancy the cheaper DIY option. Alternatively, if you want to go for something more luxurious, walk-in wardrobes are perfectly suited for dressing areas, even if you don´t have much space available.


If you’re choosing to build a walk-in wardrobe in your spare room, then apart from the doorway and curtains, privacy shouldn’t an issue. If, however, you’re building a walk-in nook in an existing room, you should consider putting up a divider to separate your dressing space from the rest. Folding screens are also a beautiful option for the cost-conscious remodeller and can be a perfect way to continue your bedroom design through décor.


Your dressing area should represent your own personal design flair, and the best way to do this is through getting hold of beautiful furnishings. Consider a dressing table, preferably with a mirror that makes styling your hair and makeup simple, and be sure to get a large, floor-length mirror that gives you an encompassing view of your outfit. You could even get two mirrors if you really want to get that boutique feel.


No dressing room is complete without good lighting, so find a bright floor lamp to illuminate your entire outfit. Dressing tables are available with in-built lighting too, but a desktop lamp can do the job perfectly well – just make sure to buy a slimmer piece so you don’t use up all your table space.


You could have the best wardrobe or shelving space available, but if the clothes inside are thrown in and difficult to sift through, your dressing room will quickly become a pain. To stop this from happening, invest in drawer dividers, a hook organiser for jewellery, and smaller, retractable storage that maximises space while allowing you to separate storage by clothing type.

Have you got your own dressing room? Are you planning on converting a forgotten corner of your home into one? Let us know how you’ve sculpted and style yours in the comments section below!

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