Goettl Advises: Spend Less to Stay Cool This Summer with These Six Tips

If it feels like you burn through tons of money to keep cool every summer, you’re not alone. Since at least half of the typical household’s utility costs are related to heating and cooling, it comes as no surprise that costs can get pretty unwieldy. With that being said, however, it’s not a foregone conclusion that all air conditioning units degrade and cost more to operate over time. A few surprisingly simple tricks can keep costs in check to an incredible degree. Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical is here to help you reduce cooling costs in your Arizona home this summer.

Six Ways to Beat the Heat and Save Money This Summer

Rather than resign yourself to either paying an arm and a leg to stay cool or going without air conditioning and suffering all summer long, put these simple yet effective tips to work to save big. As you will see, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to save a lot–and even seemingly simple steps can produce big results.

  1. Keep Sunshine Out – Sure, it’s nice to let the sun shine in to brighten up a room. During the summer, however, sunlight streaming through windows quickly produces a greenhouse effect that raises indoor temperatures excessively. By blocking out light by day, you make it easier for your A/C system to do its job. Curtains and blinds are great, of course, but solar screens are even better because they deflect up to 70 percent of solar energy. Clever landscaping can help too, as leafy trees provide much-needed shade along west- and east-facing windows in particular.
  2. Switch to a Smart T-Stat – No, you don’t have to buy a Nest or other high-end thermostat to save money. A simple programmable model will do just fine. Studies have shown that using a programmable t-stat can slash energy costs by up to 20 percent. Increasing the indoor temperature by seven to 10 degrees for at least eight hours per day can help you save 10 percent, and using a programmable t-stat is the easiest way to make that happen.
  3. Seal Gaps and Cracks – Even the most powerful and effective HVAC system will flounder when a home isn’t properly sealed against the elements. In addition to sealing around windows and doors, invest in professional duct sealing as well. Over time, air ducts pull apart or otherwise become damaged. HVAC contractors know how to seal these ducts to maximize the efficiency of a heating and cooling system, so this service is money well spent.
  4. Replace Air Filters Often – Air filters protect HVAC components from grime and damage. If they aren’t replaced regularly, HVAC equipment efficiency and effectiveness degrades. Stock up on filters so that you have no excuse not to switch yours regularly. Plan on swapping yours out at least once per month during the summer. If you have pets, you might need to do it even more often. This step can save you up to 15 percent on energy costs per year.
  5. Get Routine Maintenance – Ideally, HVAC systems should be serviced at least once per year. Better still, have yours tuned up twice per year to keep it operating at peak efficiency. It’s easy to forget about this important work, but a maintenance plan can help. Goettl offers maintenance plans that make it easy to keep up with HVAC maintenance while providing great savings and including priority service.
  6. Replace Your Air Conditioner – This tip isn’t exactly affordable up front, but it can save you thousands over the years. At a certain point, all HVAC systems wear down to the point where it makes more sense to replace them. Modern air conditioning systems are incredibly efficient, and Goettl can provide you with ENERGY STAR rated units that will slash your energy costs considerably. Professional installation ensures that your system operates at optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

Stay Cool Affordably with Goettl

Although the company’s roots stretch back to Ohio in 1927, Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical has served residential and commercial customers throughout central Arizona since 1987. The contractor offers a complete array of affordable HVAC services, including the installation of new equipment and repair and maintenance of existing units.

Because air conditioning is so critical to modern living–especially in Arizona–Goettl offers extended service hours throughout the summer as well as emergency air conditioning repair services. The company also offers convenient maintenance plans that allow customers to stay on top of their HVAC systems’ routine maintenance easily and effortlessly. These plans also bring great savings to customers and entitle them to priority scheduling and other perks.

Goettl specializes not only in installing, repairing and maintaining heating and cooling systems but in a variety of other HVAC services. In particular, the company offers affordable duct cleaning and sealing as well as a lineup of plumbing services. Free estimates are offered on all jobs, and many flexible financing options are available.

In addition to providing HVAC services to residential and commercial customers, Goettl is committed to educating customers and helping them save money on energy costs. This includes providing tips like the ones above to keep systems operating at peak efficiency.

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