How Do I File a Disability Claim?

Social Security disability benefits can prove valuable to the disabled and help them lead a better life. However, about 70% of Social Security disability claims get rejected. If your claim has been denied, it does not mean that you are not entitled to the benefits. If you plan to claim disability benefits or your benefits have been rejected, contact an experienced disability lawyer who can handle the appeal process on your behalf and help you secure the benefits you deserve.

Filing for Disability Benefits

Social Security offers several different types of disability benefits. Based on the disability condition, a person can qualify for any of the following disabilities:

Disability Insurance Benefits: This is one of the most frequently sought-after benefits. It covers people who have been recently working but are now disabled. The applicants who apply for this benefit should have worked for at least 5-10 years before becoming disabled.

Disabled Adult Child Benefits: These benefits cover children between 18 to 22 years of age if their parent is deceased or receiving Social Security retirement benefits.

Disabled Widow or Widower: This benefit is offered to widows or widowers over 50 years who have developed disabilities within 7 years from their spouse’s death.

When filing for a disability benefit, the Social Security Administration requires that the person should meet the following criteria:

  • The person is completely disabled
  • The person is unable to work
  • The person’s disability is expected to last for a minimum of 1 year and can also lead to death.

Some other disability benefits that you could qualify for include: 

Social Security Death Benefits: These benefits are provided to children below 18 years if their parents have passed away. 

Benefits for Disabled Children: This benefit covers children with physical or mental conditions who are suffering for more than 12 months. 

Submitting A Disability Application

When you submit your application for disability benefits, you must provide all the necessary documentation that proves your condition. It is commonly observed that most disability applications are denied in the first attempt. Most denials occur if disability stems from drug abuse or alcohol use, criminal conviction, fraud, or short-term disabilities. You will have to apply the correct legal approach to appeal your application and get your benefits approved successfully. 

Hiring a Good Disability Lawyer 

Filing a disability application and navigating through the entire appeals procedure can be a daunting challenge. This makes it imperative to have legal counsel by your side who can help you understand your legal options. A skilled disability lawyer will ensure that your disability benefits are approved or your appeal is correctly reconsidered and heard. 

When hiring a disability attorney, check if they are a Board-Certified Specialist and have successfully demonstrated experience and expertise in handling disability cases. Studies show that only 34% of people who do not hire a lawyer can get their disability benefits approved. On the other hand, 60% of people who hire an expert disability lawyer can ultimately get their benefits sanctioned. Since your entire life is at stake, it is best to hire a legal expert who can battle the Social Security Administration, and ensure you receive what you lawfully deserve.

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