How People Turn What They Love To Do Into A Career Path

You have all heard the saying that goes along the lines of, “you should find a job that you love”. However, this type of narrative is often shrugged off or dubbed as idealistic and unrealistic. This same line of thinking sort of follows the idea that “in the real world, a job is a job, and that’s what your free time is for: things you love”. The problem with this is that we have a society where mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and burnout are on the rise, and our high-paced, stress-filled workdays and job pressures are a part of it. After all, we spend a large portion of our lives, other than being asleep, at, or doing work. So why not make try to find a way to make doing what you love a way to earn an income, and develop a career path going forward. This discussion is going to act as a guide to how people have found ways to turn their passions and hobbies into income-generating career paths.

If You Are Lover Of The Great Outdoors

Some people feel their most alive when out in nature and the thought of sitting behind a computer in a sterile office setting depresses them. Hiking, fishing, adventuring, trekking, getting dirty is their fuel. If this is you, have you ever considered turning this love of all things natural into what you do for a living? Take, for instance, the idea of becoming a professional fisherman, or a hiking guide, or a scuba diving instructor. You might roll your eyes at the initial thought, but these professions do exist. And they are there because of people like you. People who had a love of something that they threw all their passion and energy into making a profession out of it. When you think of these folks, do you feel a wave of envy, longing, and awe at their bravery? Then maybe it is time to consider how you could make a shift towards filling your days with more of what you love. Find out what outdoor activities in your area generating interest in terms of tourism or demand, and see if there are opportunities for you to position yourself.

Are You Crafty?

Do you make something creative in your spare time and your loved ones are a fan? Perhaps they’ve even playfully encouraged you to “quit your day job”. This might sound like a fantasy, but how about starting slow and seeing if there is a market that would be interested in your wares. Be it cakes, knitwear, sketches, woodwork, sculptures, beads, or more., you could be sitting on the latest trend and the world wants you to share it. If you find there is enough interest and you run the numbers, perhaps you will find a way to make it a full-time role? With that said, it does not need to be an entire career overhaul, but possibly a side-hustle. As long as this activity continues to bring you meaning, and generates some money, then you will probably find your overall life satisfaction will increase significantly. Or if you’re approaching retirement age and/or feel like a change in scenario, there is no moment like the present. What’s stopping you?

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If A Service Disappoints You, Improve It!

Some of the most successful businesses have been born out of an individual feeling like they needed something that was not available to them, so they decided to create their own. Say you have just had a new baby, but you start to notice that there are major gaps in the market in your area for affordable, breathable infant-safe bedding. Have you spent endless hours making up custom-designed goods and sourcing suppliers? Well, you’ve already begun the progress in starting your own niche brand. Why not provide fellow consumers like yourself with premium quality items that you found difficult to access. This goes for both products and services, across the industries and markets.

Turning what you love into your career path does not have to be a pipe dream. People have and continue to do it all the time. Sometimes it involves a lot of risks, bravery, and re-framing around what we think is a “proper” job. But at the end of the day, if you feel fulfilled and you are able to keep up with your expenses, then isn’t that ideal? Life isn’t meant to be spent watching the clock waiting until your off time to enjoy yourself, rather see if there are ways of bringing enjoyment into your everyday life, which for many people, is what you do for a living.

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