Meditation for Beginners: 5 Best Meditation Websites & Apps To Clear Your Mind and Reduce Stress

Starting a meditation practice can be both challenging and rewarding. It takes effort to turn away from distractions and quiet the mind, yet the benefits make it worth the effort. Neuroscience and psychology studies have shown that meditation can relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and sharpen your focus. It can also be a way to get closer to self-acceptance and understanding, much like a psychic reading.  If you are new to meditation, you may want to try one of these websites or apps to establish your new mindful habit.

1. Headspace

From its cute graphics to its meditation categories, Headspace makes it easy for you to start or continue your practice. The website also has helpful articles about a variety of topics related to mindfulness and introspection, including beginner’s programs, breathing exercises, and sleep management. This app is free, but you do have to pay for premium features, such as the soundscapes and sleep music.

2. Calm

Another popular app, Calm offers guided meditations and daily programs to add to your current mindfulness practices, such as yoga or a free daily horoscope. It has masterclasses, guided videos, and sleep stories (some of which are narrated by celebrities) to help you connect to your inner peace or find the motivation to focus on self-care. Sign up for the free trial to see if this app has the features you want.

3. Insight Timer

This free app has been around for a long time, and while it may not be as flashy as some of the other ones, Insight Timer has a lot going for it. With over 80,000 free guided meditations or the option to time a quiet meditation with ambient music or chimes to mark the time, you are sure to find something you want to try. It also has a meditation community you can join, which can help you connect with other beginners for suggestions and support.

4. Aura

If one of your meditation goals is to better understand the patterns of your moods and behaviors, Aura may be a good fit for you. This app can offer recommendations for meditations based more on feeling than benefit to keep you in tune with your own rhythms and changes. For instance, you may search for meditations when you are tired to energize or calm you, rather than one designated for sleep. It’s a great choice for learning to listen to yourself and to trust your intuition.

5. My Life Meditation

With an emphasis on the neuroscience behind the practice of meditation, this app is an award winner year after year. The approach is simple: learning how to be more intentional through short bits of meditation as you build your practice. It also approaches meditation by age to provide guidance and freedom as needed for any level of experience or time of life.

As you continue your journey to self-discovery and love, consider incorporating one of these meditation apps into your array of practices. It may not give you a glimpse of what lies ahead, as a tarot reading can do, but meditation has much to help you on your way.

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