Planning A Themed Party Soon? Here Are Some Ideas

Themed Parties Can Bring In A Super Fun Element To Any Kind Of Celebration

You may be invited to birthday parties, anniversaries, school reunions, and whatnot but when the invitation states that it is a theme party, you are sure to get a quick rush of excitement. These parties are not only fun to organize but also give your guests a chance to plan for the party and look forward to showing up in their best costume. In the world of boring and monotonous shades of grey that one wears to work or school, these come in like a breath of fresh air as everyone gets to put their best creative foot forward. Below are some ideas for making sure that the next theme party you throw is super exciting.

Selecting A Venue

If you are selecting an outdoor venue for your party, make sure that you ask the people in charge if you will be allowed to decorate the place as per your theme. Also, you can look for venues that are already styled in the theme you want so that ways you will save money and time spent on setting it up. For example, for a children’s theme party that takes place in a kid’s club in a mall, you will only need train-themed decorations or other such things to set it up. All the other things like arranging small chairs, soft rugs, toys and all will be taken care of for you. As for adults, you can check with local pubs and bars that are designed a certain way if you can host the party there. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose a venue wherein everyone can easily go. Someplace that is far off from the city or hard to locate on the map will make it harder for your guests to get there and this will delay the whole event.

Start With The Invite

This is the first step you need to take a releasing the first round of excitement. Depending on the theme of the event, you can create an invite with the needed information. Make sure that you do not give away all the information and leave some excitement for later. You can detail like time and date of the party as well as the certain dress attire that the guest needs to follow. This will get your guests excited. Some enjoyable themes are Disney, rock n roll, retro, carnival, and so on.

Set It Up

Once you have chosen the venue and send out the invites it is time to set up the place. Try your best to use as many crafts and decorations as to be able to recreate the venue that matches your theme. Your guests should be able to feel like they are in another place and in a whole new time zone. Take ideas online on how to style and decorate the venue. You can even hire an event management company to bring in some forms of entertainment that match your theme.

Food And Drinks

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No party is ever complete without some good food and drinks. Make sure that all the food that you plan to layout is fun to serve and easy to eat. You can add food stations so that you can enhance the theme without compromising on delicious taste. Examples of food stations can be taco station, hot dog stand, Asian fried noodles, fish and chips, popcorn, fairy floss, and so on. On arrival, you can hand out some signature cocktails as well as have a drink stand. For children, a nice mocktail can be offered. Your bar can be set up with drinks that are based on the same concept as your theme.

Encourage Your Guest To Dress

The fancier your guest will dress the more the party will build momentum. Just planning on what to dress as can help heighten the anticipation of going to the party. Your guests will be engaged as people who participated rather than those who just attended. Encourage them to dress up by offering prizes for the best dressed and so on. You can also buy some props and costumes and keep them aside for those who would give the excuse of not having any time to suit up for the theme.

The above tips can help you have a super fun themed party. Apart from all the things that you will prepare, you should be mentally ready for the challenge of making sure that everything on the day of the event goes smoothly. After all, a good party is more about people and less about things.

Written by Eric

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