Summer Colour Palettes to Add to Your Imagery

Want imagery that will stand out this summer? A bright and vibrant colour palette which will add some sunshine into your content, may be just what you need. With the hottest season finally within reaching distance, Clickasnap have helped to provide some of the best summer colour palettes to consider introducing into your imagery to liven up your online content and make it pop amongst millions of images online, this summer.

Bright Poolside Shades

Bright colours are a must for summertime imagery, powerful, standout colours help to liven the mood of your imagery, whilst being pleasing to the eye of your audience. Bright Blue and Green are going to be the hot topic of the summer, these shades emulate the cool pool side tones of dreamy summer vacations. Incorporating the trending colours of summer 2021 is the perfect way to stand out online. Your imagery will capture the attention of young people chasing the latest trends. Some popular shades to use for the 2021 summer season include Pantone’s Nobility and Summer Green.

If you are trying to capture the perfect shot for your online content, these bold colours will make your photos pop and will radiate summer energy. Summer is the best time to head out to capture the natural world, picking up the bright greens of the plants and the mesmerising blues of the sky and water.

Barely There Nude Tones

Popular throughout the year, brown nudes and light pink tones have become staple shades across imagery online. For a professional, minimalistic approach, the neutrals palette adds a trendy and modern touch to your imagery, as opposed to traditional monochrome black and white. For summer 2021 the sandy beiges and creams will portray hazy summer days and hot weather. Using this colour palette is the perfect way to keep your imagery fresh and on trend.

Hot Pink to Baby Pink

This summer is all about embracing the fun and cute shades of pink. Think flamingos and pool floats! There are so many shades to choose from, tones of pink can have different meanings and will help your imagery emphasise various moods, from sweet and delicate to romantic and upbeat.  Pink can be a great colour to play around with – so get creative and try incorporating this trendy colour into your imagery for summer 2021! Some colours to consider include, Pantone’s Knockout Pink and Pink Lady.

Written by Eric

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