Who Typically Charters Private Jets?

Private travel is about more than just the luxury afforded to having a plane to yourself. It is a vital means of travel for highflyers in almost every industry, offering prompt and speedy journeys from place to place. Private travel avoids the difficulties inherent to commercial airline travel – long queues for checking in, inscrutable baggage handling, uncomfortable layovers in airport lounges and, crucially, the possibility of missing a connection due to delays. Private aviation services like Vista Global offer services around the world, with which clients can cater their route and travel requirements for a smooth and worry-free journey to their next engagement. But who benefits the most from regular use of private travel, and why?

Professional Sportspersons

Elite sportspeople in all manner of disciplines are common users of private travel. Olympic teams frequently make use of jets to travel to the event and its Winter companion, while professional footballers use them in order to travel for contract-signing with new clubs in other countries. Professional golfers require private travel to follow golf tours to courses around the globe without threatening their readiness for the course, much in the same way pro tennis players will travel in order to make each grand slam tournament without risking their physical or mental health. A private jet manufacturer even produced a model specifically for athletes, to corner a lucrative market.

Celebrities and Performers

The private jet is perhaps most commonly attributed in image to that of the rock star; professional musicians jet-setting around the world as part of their global tour. This is absolutely true for a majority of major acts and musical phenomena, not only to ensure their privacy from fans but also the safety of their tour equipment, from instruments to backline gear. Actors and other performers are also private travellers, using jets to make it to red carpets and film premieres on different continents. Will Smith famously earned himself a world record for most red carpets attended in 24 hours, by flying on a private jet between Manchester, Birmingham and London to make three distinct premieres of his film Hitch in 2005.

Politicians and Executives

While less public facing than our previous examples, business travel is perhaps the most important demographic for private jet use, and represent the majority of private jet users globally. Politicians frequently use private air travel to make key diplomatic appointments with other world leaders, and to attend historic events such as world summits. Key state leaders abroad may use private travel to return for important domestic votes.

Meanwhile in the private sector, business executives use air travel to make face-to-face meetings with international business owners and cement partnerships. Private travel is the bedrock of international business for many executives in major private industries, allowing them to expand their reach and monitor business in other countries with relative ease.

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