Why Owners and Borrowers Should Consider Car Sharing

When Airbnb came on the scene, it changed the accommodation niche and gave people an alternative to a soulless hotel room. It also gave homeowners new ways to make money off of the property they already owned. We now have similar abilities with cars. Due to car sharing, car owners can share their cars. People who want to drive but don’t own a car have an alternative to rental companies.

Why Owners Should Consider Sharing Their Car


Car emissions are a major contributor to air pollution. If you share your car, you help keep extra cars off the road. Fewer cars equal less Greenhouse Gas emissions. With fewer cars in operation, roads won’t need as much maintenance. Fewer drivers also reduce the frequency of road rage. When you do drive, it will be easier to find a parking space with fewer vehicles on the street.

Income Stream

As long as your car is in good condition and meets certain requirements, you can earn some decent side income from it. Many Americans have an extra car they don’t always use. Instead of letting your car sit there and collect dust, make money from it with Avail car sharing.

You may make as much as a few hundred dollars a month, depending on the size of your car. The best thing about this type of income is you will be making a passive income. You can be fast asleep or out driving a different car while making money from the car you are sharing.

Car owners receive their earnings quickly, so there is no need to wait to collect funds once a driver has finished using their vehicle. Some car owners have elevated their car-sharing side hustle into a highly profitable business.


Of course, you may hesitate to share your car with a stranger due to worries about damage or accidents. Luckily, your car is covered by insurance from car-sharing companies. When you use a car-sharing service, they vet the customers for you.

Why Drivers Pick Car Sharing Over Rental

Save Money

Cars are not cheap items. You must pay several thousand dollars for one, and you must consider parking space. If you live in a condensed major city like New York or have limited parking at your residence, keeping a car around may be inconvenient. Street parking and work parking fees can add up – especially if you end up getting a ticket. Car insurance may be as expensive as a car in some zip codes.

If you know that you don’t want to drive every day, you can save the extra expense and avoid buying one. Simply utilize a car-sharing service as needed. The process is simple to use. Car sharing does not have the elevated fees associated with car rentals. You also won’t be financially penalized due to age.


Standing in long lines can be tiresome, especially if you are in a hurry and want to get started on your road trip. When you sign up for car sharing, you will conduct all business with an app.

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